what is homeschooling and how does it work

Although you may have heard homeschooling, it is important to dig a little further into what is homeschooling and how does it work. Homeschooling is an alternative form of education than formal schooling. It is also called home education or unschooling. Homeschooling has a very ancient history where learners only had to study at home. Before modern education was introduced, many parts of the world had cultural education either given by the parents or tutors. That is what continues today called homeschooling.

In the past few years, homeschooling growth is amazing. This should be a good reason to think about what is missing in the traditional education system. Studies show that formal schools have many limitations and it’s not suitable for all types of learners. In fact, this mass production system may impact negatively on individual growth. We know that each individual has different abilities and the speed of learning, but formal schools are reluctant to take any progressive step. Homeschooling can be an alternative option for those who feel the need for having flexibility in learning. Well prepared parents or educators can create an excellent platform to allow learners to explore more on the areas they’re passionate about.

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How does homeschooling work?

Homeschooling might sound good but when it comes to executing many would feel overwhelmed. The very first thing parents or students need to do is choose the right academic curriculum. This includes choosing subjects, activities and teaching approaches. Parents should also consider the amount of time they can spend every day specifically for the study. You can also look for tutor help. Once you figure out theses things, the rest of the task will be about the examinations and certifications. You can approach the institutions like Jakarta Academics for more information on that.

The benefits of homeschooling are great if it is aligned with all the metrics involved. We would be happy to guide you for the better future of your child. Please feel free to contact us.