Homeschooling is an alternative form of education than formal schooling. It is also called home education or unschooling. Homeschooling has a very ancient history where learners only had to study at home. Before modern education was introduced, many parts of the world had cultural education either given by the parents or tutors. That is what continues today called homeschooling.

In the past few years, homeschooling growth is amazing. This forces us to think about what is missing in the traditional education system. In one perspective many things. According to the study, formal schools have many limitations which may impact negatively on individual growth. It is the system where everyone has to follow the same thing that might not suitable for development. Homeschooling is exactly the opposite of this system. It is complete freedom for the children where they can explore in fields that they are passionate about.

How does homeschooling work?

The very first thing parents or students need to do is choose the academic curriculum. This includes choosing subjects, activities and teaching approaches. Once you enroll, you will be given all the necessary tools and tutors will be available depending on arranged schedules. Teaching in homeschooling follows a one-on-one instruction method for each chosen subject.

Parents often assume that they know what is homeschooling. Unfortunately, they are far away from the benefits or advantages of homeschooling. We would be so happy to guide you for the better future of your child. Please feel free to contact us.