Jakarta Academics does not require students to spend long hours in school. It offers flexibility in learning hours and helps students to narrow their focus on the core subjects. Students come to the school for their lessons only as per the given schedule.
Jakarta Academics has been offering the UK international curriculum in which primary level students participate in the Primary Checkpoint Examination, secondary level students join IGCSE and high school students take A Level.
Depending on your level and the program you choose. If you’re in secondary or high school level, then you must come to the centre for at least 3 days in a week. Primary level students can have two options –
1. Group Classes (held at our centre) and
2. Independent Learning (study at home with parents). We also offer a Distance Learning Program for students living outside of the Greater Jakarta region.
Primary Levels: 6-8 hours per week; Secondary Levels: 8-12 hours per week; High-School: 6-8 hours per week.
Maximum 6 students in one class. (6:1)
Absolutely, YES. Jakarta Academics is UK approved centre for its international qualifications allowing students to pursue their education worldwide including top universities such as Oxford, Harvard, MIT, Stanford etc.
Yes. We are official partners with some of the renowned universities in which our students can have an easy transition to their higher education programs.
Yes. Jakarta Academics will provide all the necessary administrative support if learners wish to go back to formal school.
Contact our team for a free consultation as the first stage. You will be given all the detailed information and verified by our academics whether or not you qualify for Jakarta Academics.
Yes. Jakarta Academics offers a distance learning program for students who live outside of the Greater Jakarta Region.