Q. What is homeschooling?

Homeschooling is basically a very simple concept of learning at home – without going to formal school. It is an alternative form of a traditional school where parents or students can choose their own curriculum and schedule.


Q. How does homeschooling work?

Homeschooling requires curriculum and tutors. Once you enroll in Jakarta Academics, you will be able to pick your schedule that can match with our teachers. Based on that, tutors will visit your home for one-on-one instruction.


Q. What homeschooling methods Jakarta Academics uses?

Jakarta Academics uses regular homeschooling method where tutors visit home according to the chosen schedule. Other method includes Waldorf Education Method which is based on regular school like schedule.


Q. What curriculum Jakarta Academics provides?

Jakarta Academics offers world-renowned curriculum from Singapore, Cambridge UK, and the USA. These are highly recognized and accepted around the globe.


Q. Will I be able to get into college or university after graduating from Jakarta Academics?

YES – homeschooling does not limit any academic opportunity. Homeschoolers can continue their higher education just like other kids. In Jakarta Academics, we offer IGCSE, O Level, AS and A Level which qualifies the student for world-renowned universities.


Q. Can I switch from homeschooling to formal school?

Yes, you can. Homeschooled students are perfectly eligible to join formal schooling. However, individuals need to meet minimum criteria of school they wish to get in. Especially, the entrance exam is given by that school.


Q. How to get started? What are the requirements?

To get started all you have to do is contact our admission department in contact us option. minimum requirements include your previous school report and other necessary documents.


Q. Can I join Jakarta Academics even If I am not in Jakarta.

For other cities: If you live in any other city within Indonesia, we will provide local tutors with the same curriculum.

For Overseas: You can participate in our e-learning program. Our teachers will conduct the lesson via Skype, Video Sessions, and Regular Worksheets.