Creating our Children’s future

We at Jakarta Academics constantly strive and push ourselves to stay focused on the most important objective of the education system – Learn how to learn!

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Our Story

Jakarta Academics was the first micro-school in Indonesia to focus on the international UK curriculum since its inception. Its story goes back to 2013 when the founders of Jakarta Academics were operating a study centre to prepare students for UK international examinations. The continuous success of students was evidence of their capabilities to help students to excel academically.

The founders strongly believed in the alternative form of the school where personalised learning can be offered by keeping a small number of students in the classroom. In 2017, Jakarta Academics was officially incorporated under the name of PT Prima Bangsa Akademik.


Vision Mission


To establish ourselves as an institution that breaks the conventional mindset towards the education system.


We ensure that our students:
  • Accept the challenges & enjoy learning
  • Have their goals and pursue them with persistence
  • Receive personalised learning experience
  • Grow with deep human values 
  • Develop qualities to become a global leader

Learning Methods

Let’s start the journey towards your child's academic success. Take your first step to explore our different learning options.

Small Group Learning

A physical learning method where students come to school and study in small groups of a maximum of 6 students in 1 class.

Online Learning

Since its inception Jakarta Academics has been delivering quality online learning to students living in different parts of Indonesia.

Hybrid Learning

A combination of physical and online learning methods where students can study in the classroom as well as from home.

Our Teachers

Build a strong foundation by learning from our well-experienced teachers. Their academic expertise and pedagogy knowledge will certainly help you to succeed.

"At Jakarta Academics, our vision is to establish ourselves as an institution that breaks conventional thinking on the education system and offers flexibility to 21st-century learners. We work day and night to ensure that we do our best to meet each individual needs."

Ms Mira Muitara School Principal
Jakarta Academics Homeschooling principal photo - Ms Mira Mutiara

“My time thus far at Jakarta Academics has been an absolute joy. Each week I get to interact with young people from all over Indonesia and impart knowledge to them whilst at once getting to know them personally and helping them discover new ways to express themselves in English.”

Mr Jacob Moak English Teacher

"Joining Jakarta Academics as a maths teacher gave me so much experience and a new perspective on teaching maths to students. The curriculum of maths here challenges the students with the Higher Order Thinking type of questions."

Ms Susi Susanti Mathematics Teacher
Jakarta Academics Homeschooling Mathematics teacher photo - Ms Susi Susanti

"Recognising that each student has a unique way of absorbing and processing information is key to fostering their growth and success. At Jakarta Academics, we tailor our teaching methods to match students' learning styles, to create an environment where they can truly thrive."

Sam Fulzele Head of the Centre

What Our Parents Have to Say

Anastashia Sharianne
Anastashia Sharianne
Good school with friendly teacher, they divided into a small group of classes to ensure each kid have enough attention from teacher. My kid loves it.
Indri Yati
Indri Yati
Sekolah nya bagus, anak merasa nyaman, gurunya juga berpengalaman. 👍
Delvydo Melvernaldo
Delvydo Melvernaldo
High quality school with international curriculum, great for preparing students continuing their studies in prestigious universities as well as jobs. The staffs are friendly too.
Chinesia Chin
Chinesia Chin
Anak saya suka sekolah di sini.
Delwin Yoanes
Delwin Yoanes
Sokolahan yg asik nih.. 1 kelas hanya di isi kelompok kecil aja, jadi pengajarnya juga bisa lebih fokus mengajar masing-masing anak. Selain itu admin & guru nya juga ramah, jadi anak-anak nyaman belajar di sini.
Leonardy Delvian
Leonardy Delvian
Tempatnya enak, guru dan adminny baik, lingkungannya bersih
christina viliawati
christina viliawati
Recommended homeschool....


A showcase of some of our activities in the school. 

Our Partners

We work with some of the most reputable institutions in the world.