International Universities in Indonesia

Are you looking for international universities in Indonesia? There are several options for Indonesian students or even foreigners who may have an interest in Indonesia. The below list includes foreign and local universities that offer a variety of courses instructed in the English language. These universities operate in collaboration with some renowned international universities, enabling students to have an International Degree without going abroad.
Universitas Indonesia is widely known and recognized as the best university in Indonesia. Lately, UI is interacting with many global universities all over the world. They are maintaining a good balance for international students as well as staff. University provides a range of courses in science, technology, economics, business, psychology, etc. Some of the programs also include short-term courses, summer programs, research studies, and student exchange.
Binus International is located in the heart of Jakarta city. Although the university started its first program in computer science, currently there is a number of courses available here. All of the international programmes in Binus offer dual degrees in partnership with Australia, Europe, Asia and New Zealand. Students are free to choose a single or dual program in various fields such as Business Management, International Business, Communication, Design, Account and Finance, Marketing, Films and Fashion. University also provides some master’s programs in Business Management.
Universitas Pelita Harapan situated on 3000 acres is a home for international students and teachers in Indonesia. The environment is well suited for learning international programs since the university claims that English is used in daily interaction. Founded in 1994, the university offers many graduate programs including Business, Science & Technology, Education, Hospitality & Tourism, Communication and Law. Their students come from diverse nations such as the United States, Australia, China, Germany, Netherlands, South Korea, the Philippine, etc.
Swiss German University is the first foreign university managed to establish in Indonesia. Operating since 2000, SGU is a licensed university by DIKNAS. It has partnerships with 17 countries and 250 companies around Europe. University offers bachelor’s and master’s programs in engineering, technology, business administration and humanities. The combination of world-class education and professionals allows learners to explore various fields.
London School of public relations as its name specialized in the communication field. University highly focuses on the importance of communication to boost Indonesia’s social and economic issues. Their programs include Public Relations, Mass Communication, Marketing, Advertising and Performing Art Studies. It has affiliations with several international institutions and multinational companies. Currently, the university has three branches – Jakarta, Bali and Dubai.
School of Business Management ITB has three campuses located in Bandung, Jakarta and Jatinangor. University is dedicating itself to the fields of business and management. It has professional faculties and staff which is contributing to continuous growth. The mission of the university is to enhance the entrepreneurial skill of students and give them practical knowledge of the business world. This should be an option for those who are concerned with learning businesses.
International University Liaison Indonesia was established in 2014 and is affiliated with European University Consortium – EUC coordinated by TU Ilmenau (Technische Universitat Ilmenau), Germany. Many other European universities have partnered with IULI. It offers programs in engineering, science, business and social science. In a short period, the university has had good achievements and it continues to grow.