Key points:

  • learning pace as their mental abilities
  • prevents from peer pressure they can have in regular school
  • good at communicating with all ages
  • an abundance of knowledge to gain
  • prepares for life learning instead of grades

Homeschooling has many advantages that might not possible to have in the traditional formal school system. Psychologists around the world claim that learning can be much better if you move at your own pace. All children have their own capacity to understand the topic, but we believe that they must learn together at the same speed as their peers in one classroom.

On the other side, alternative schooling or homeschooling appears to be a great platform to learn and grow. Homeschooling gives the time to learn that children should have based on their capacities. It prevents them from huge peer pressure they unconsciously have on them. Study shows that many children go through huge depression just because of the peer pressure they have in their school environment. They (and often parents) start comparing themselves with other children or copy their friends which isn’t really healthy.

Homeschoolers have shown to be better in communication than those kids who attain formal school. Informal school, children are only exposed to their age, whereas in homeschooling they can meet adults more frequently which brings more maturity within them. They are likely to be more confident to talk to their neighbor’s uncle, relatives and most importantly with parents. This is something that all parents are concerned about, isn’t it?

Homeschooling does not limit learning. In other words, homeschoolers are free to choose what they are interested in learning. Whether its academic subjects or extracurricular activities, it’s absolutely up to them. A variety of options build their self-esteem and create a positive attitude toward learning. Now think about how someone can learn (in school) when they don’t really enjoy going to school in the first place. Change their attitude about learning and see the result.

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