IGCSE Exam Result - November 2020

5 A* – Highest Grade in 5 Subjects

Before enrolling in Jakarta academics Wealthie had completed her primary level (Grade 6) from a well-reputed school in Jakarta. At that time her parents were planning to move her to the UK so that she could join her older sisters. However, due to the age factor, she was unable to receive a student visa and the process left her out of school for several months. Welathie’s parents managed to find Jakarta Academics and enrolled her right away. Previously her performance had been average with around 70-80% in term assessments. But with our personalised learning approach and her hard work, she achieved an A* in all of her IGCSE 5 subjects – English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 
Jakarta Academics student

A* in Business Studies
A in Mathematics

After growing up overseas for a very long period of time (since 5 yrs old), Ivandar had to come back to Indonesia and continue his study. At the time he moved it was the middle of the academic year and he could have to wait for the entire semester before enrolling in a new school. Luckily, Jakarta Academics came to the rescue. When he started studying with us he was lacing in basics of many subjects often leading him to underperform in assessments. In addition, he did not have any learning experience in subjects like Business Studies. But our flexible approach and his consistent efforts made a huge difference in his academic result – A* in Business Studies and A in Economics.

A* in Business Studies
A in Economics

Fakhira’s entire schooling was in the Indonesian national curriculum called K13 before enrolling in Jakarta Academics. It was her first time studying the international curriculum when she joined us at IGCSE Level. Her goal has been to pursue higher education overseas majoring in Business Management. No doubt she had to put extra efforts into her self-learning and she absolutely did it. She passed the IGCSE exam with an A* in Business Studies and an A in Economics. It is an extraordinary achievement for a student who’s accustomed to the local curriculum with no prior experience in international.