How does the Formal School Method work in homeschooling?

This is the School-At-Home style which allows students to learn some school disciplines such as study schedules, school manners, record keeping, grades and evaluation, etc. Students follow the exact schedule established prior to start learning.


Typical Formal School Method Schedule


  • 10-10.15 a.m.            Wear uniform, prepare books, tidy the learning place


  • 10.15-11.00 a.m.       Math (using a text book and work book).


  • 11.00-11.45 a.m.       Reading (vocab, writing assignments, & reading).


  • 11.45-12.00 p.m.      Break Time (snacks or lunch)


  • 12.00-12.30 p.m.     Science / Social Studies







Please Note: Above schedule is just a sample for understanding the idea. Actual schedule for enrolled students will be arranged on the basis of requirements and availability of teachers.