Online Learning at Jakarta Academics

Online learning might not be a preferred option at the school level, but schools are left with no choices in this pandemic. Regardless of their skepticism, they have turned towards this undervalued learning method. It’s not what educational institutions conceive of online learning, but it’s about how effectively they can integrate the use of technology to make learning better.

At Jakarta Academics, we have been delivering online learning for years. As homeschool, some of our students come from different regions and to ensure they can have an equal opportunity to a quality education we have developed our distance learning program. Our experience has enabled us to understand the essential aspects of online learning.

Here are some key advantages your child can have by joining us:

  1.    SMALL NUMBER OF STUDENTS – our maximum capacity for each class is 6 students at a time. The usual numbers are 3-4 students.online learning at jakarta academics
  2.    DURATION OF LEARNING – our live sessions are for 2 hours per subject which gives a good amount of time to the teachers and learners.
  3. STUDENT LEARNING PORTAL – students receive their own dashboard to access study notes, assignments, quizzes, etc.
    A student portal showing subjects and do list. A student portal showing subjects and do list.
  4. GROUP DISCUSSION – students can create a discussion forum to discuss with the subject teacher and peers.
    jakarta academics classroom discussion Discussion for students & teacher

At the end of the day, what matters most is the quality of learning. Whether it’s in the classroom or online, we have been always looking for the best possible ways.