jakarta academics online learning

This pandemic has forced many parents to consider online learning for the safety of their children. The insecurity of sending kids back to school and concerns about the quality of learning are definitely daunting. Although schools are doing their best to keep kids learning, we believe that Jakarta Academics can offer a better learning experience in that matter.

Pre-COVID we have been delivering our distance learning program which is basically online learning for the students living out of Jakarta. This has allowed us to understand the essential aspects of online learning. Here are some key advantages we have:

  • SMALL NUMBER OF STUDENTS – our maximum capacity for each class is 6 students at a time. The usual numbers are 3-4 students.

online learning at jakarta academics

Our live class with 4 students & a teacher

  • DURATION OF LEARNING – our live sessions are for 2 hours per subject which gives a good amount of time to the teachers and learners.
  • STUDENT LEARNING PORTAL – students receive their own dashboard to access study notes, assignments, quizzes, etc.

A student portal showing subjects and do list.

  • GROUP DISCUSSION – students can create a discussion forum to discuss with the subject teacher and peers. 

jakarta academics classroom discussion
Discussion for students & teacher

At the end of the day, what matters most is the quality of learning. Whether it’s in the classroom or online, we have been always looking for the best possible ways.