We are International Homeschooling in Jakarta offering the best and unique approach of homeschooling to preschool, kindergarten, primary, secondary and high school students. Our curriculum is world-renowned and recognized as the best International Curriculum. Homeschooling can be a great way of learning if it is combined with professional teachers and advanced resources. This is what Jakarta Academics focuses on most for the best future of your child.


Jakarta Academics was founded with a mission to provide the best homeschooling experience to the children and parents. We are a team of professionals who believe that homeschooling is the best way to learn and grow. There is a number of benefits homeschooling can have and our goal is to support and provide the best platform for it.

Our approach includes several methods of homeschooling that are new and highly beneficial for the children’s growth. We have selected these methods after extensive research and from our personal past experience of the education field. One of the most important principles of our school is to have well-experienced teachers, particularly in homeschooling. Our teachers hold on an average minimum of 5 years of teaching experience which is very crucial for students’ academic growth. We also offer an extra curriculum that is specially designed for the personal and intellectual development of mental growth.

We encourage you to take a step and reach us for more details on our featured programs and benefits.


To provide a learning experience that gives freedom to explore more on areas of interest. Let it be Science, Computers, Mathematics, Languages, Social Studies or even Arts.


To transform the traditional educational system with new innovations.