As the outbreak continues to worsen the situation, we have decided to extend our school closure until further notice.

In the meantime, we will take all necessary measures to ensure that our students continue to learn as effectively as possible. Despite this crisis, we believe our students as homeschoolers are in a better position compared to many other kids around the world. They can pursue their study pretty much the same as they would in the physical classrooms.

To make this happen, we are going to provide learning via VIRTUAL CLASSROOMS.

Virtual Classroom is more than just online learning. It is a combination of several digital tools that helps the learner to get a personalised learning experience. Often it is more effective in some perspectives.

For instance, in a Mathematics class, our teachers will be using a digital whiteboard where students can see Math working in real-time without any distraction.

We plan to pass those tools one by one since all at once can create unwanted chaos. So the first thing we will be doing is to turn our classes to LIVE SESSIONS.

We will keep on updating you each & everything and if you have any concerns, please feel free to discuss.