5 things to know about the Cambridge Curriculum for Homeschooling Students

Cambridge Curriculum has been becoming very popular for parents and students, especially when it comes to homeschooling. It is one of the internationally recognised curricula that allows homeschooling students to participate in the world’s competitive education system. There are thousands of schools around the globe have recognised the benefits of the Cambridge Curriculum for their students. Here are the 5 things that briefly explains what the Cambridge Curriculum is.



  • Cambridge Pathway


Cambridge Curriculum is available for all levels for school students starting from age 5 up to 19 years old. It is basically divided into 4 parts as per shown below:



Age Range

Cambridge Primary

5 to 11 years old

Cambridge Lower Secondary

11 to 14 years old

Cambridge Upper Secondary

14 to 16 years old

Cambridge Advanced

16 to 19 years old


Each level offers a wide range of subjects that perfectly suits the learners’ needs.


  • Cambridge Examinations

Cambridge examinations are conducted twice in a year – summer & winter series. Its summer series is usually held in May/June and winter series is in Oct/Nov. Participants required to enroll for the exam before the due dates. Exam centres are locally available Cambridge Schools & British Councils.


  • Exam Grading 

Cambridge Upper Secondary and Advanced\ Level grading include A* (for highest) up to E (for lowest). A student is ungraded if he/she gets below E which also means that student has not reached the standard. Subjects teachers must take responsibility to share the information on the grading system of their respective subject.


  • International Recognition

Cambridge qualifications are widely recognized by universities around the world.  In fact, some countries and institutions prefer to have Cambridge qualifications as a requirement for higher education. The ultimate reason for that is the quality of learning and course content provided by Cambridge. It develops a strong foundation of school education and prepares learners for their future.


  • Learning Benefits and Assessments

Cambridge Curriculum is a very balanced material for learners of the 21st century. It ensures that the learners not only improve their academic skills but also become capable to reflect on real-life experience. Each and every course provides exact information based on levels in a very systematic way. It is all about exploring and understanding how things work.