As the COVID-19 crisis has caused school closure around the world, kids and parents struggle to keep up with the learning. Many schools are trying their best to improve the home learning experience, but it is very difficult for them to be efficient as they may want. The obvious reason is a challenge to handle the entire class through virtual learning. On average there are twenty to thirty students in one class and teachers find it tough to deal with. You probably have been there and that’s why you’re here.

Honestly speaking, parents are forced to think about the best possible learning options for their kids. This isn’t ending here. Many of us are concerned about the post-COVID situation, Questions that are hunting us – will it be safe to send my child to a school? Especially when the experts are emphasizing on the importance of social distancing.

Jakarta Academics possibly can offer a better solution to that. Our usual classrooms have four to five students(maximum capacity 6 per class) which allows us to maintain social distancing even inside the classroom. The above photo is our usual classroom. We believe we are in a better position compared to regular schools in this case. As a homeschooling, we also offer other programs that might be suitable for your current situation. For more information on our programs, CLICK HERE

So what are you waiting for? A free consultation is always better than a lack of information.