As the COVID-19 crisis has caused school closure around the world, kids and parents struggle to keep up with the learning. Many schools are trying their best to improve the remote learning experience, but unable to do so. Reasons might vary but one common challenge for teachers is having all students (avg 20-25) in one live class at a time. Yes, that Zoom session where everyone is trying to say something and a desperate teacher can barely pay attention to all. It would be very inefficient for schools to break down the big classes into small groups. 

Now in this situation, students and parents are left with very limited options. The other concern is what if the schools are reopened? Will it be safe to go to school? Can kids really follow the protocol such as social distancing, frequent handwashing, sanitizing, etc? Kids are eager to go back to school but how can we assure their safety?

Perhaps a solution is a tiny school or micro-school with a limited number of students. That’s exactly what we have been doing at Jakarta Academics. Since its inception, we have been focused on keeping a small number in the classroom. At our core, we strongly believe that effective learning needs teacher’s equal attention to each and every learner and that can be only possible in small groups. We are certain that if the institutions are reopened, we can practically implement the required health safety rules. 

Furthermore, the learning experience of our students who have moved from regular schools is way different. In one of our students’ words, “I absorb more information here than all my previous grades.” We suggest parents take serious notes at this point and rethink the learning environment that might be most suitable for your child.

As homeschooling, we also offer other programs that might be a good match for your current situation. For more information on our programs, CLICK HERE

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