School-At- Home

The School-At-Home is an approach where learners pursue their academic education at home. We fulfill all the necessary requirements such as curriculum, books, regular worksheets, exercises, quizzes, & examinations. Learners participate in academic year as per their current grade or level and can continue further. However, students as well as parents should have specific reason(s) to consider homeschooling option. Although it won’t affect on their academic career, it is important to have clear objectives. One of the benefits from homeschooling is it allows students to focus more on their weak areas since it’s a very personalized way of learning.

Below table shows key points:


LevelsPrimary to High-school
CurriculumSingapore, Cambridge UK
SubjectsMath, Science, English, Computer Science, Humanities & Social Studies
ScheduleFlexible / as per arranged
Duration120 mins per session
Teaching Method
One-on-one instruction / Group of max 4 students
Exercises & Activities
Regular Worksheets √
Extra Curricular
Coding Class
Quizzes, Term Exams √
Monthly Report Card √
School Report Card √