Best online school in Jakarta

The best online school in Jakarta, Indonesia is here for you. Jakarta Academics has been offering online schooling since its inception even before the pandemic. Every academic year a number of students enroll in Jakarta Academics come from different parts of Indonesia. Access to quality education is a fundamental right for everyone and geography should not be a barrier in this internet era. Hence, we have always believed that distance learning or online learning opens the door for all students regardless of where they live.

Jio (renamed for the sake of privacy) was living in a remote area in Sumatra where his parents had to move due to their work. Despite their willingness to provide him with the best educational experience, there weren’t many options for quality international education. On the beginning, Jio was enrolled in the local school, but unfortunately, he couldn’t adapt there leaving schooling after just a year. Luckily, Jio’s parents found us on the internet and without wasting any time enrolled Jio in Jakarta Academics. Since then Jio has never had to look back completing his international qualifications such as IGCSE with decent grades and now pursuing his A Levels (in 2022). We are certain that Jio will be certainly able to go to his dream university with our transparent communication and willingness to be there for him

small sized online classes
We can share many other stories like this. So if you’re in a situation where an online school is a favourable option for you, then we welcome you with our whole heart. Online school in Jakarta Academics is very simple and straightforward. We provide live classes (via Zoom) for each subject where students directly connect with the teachers just like they would in a physical classroom. Our maximum number of students in each class remains at 6 making a ratio of 6:1 per class. This small size class allows students and teachers both to connect at a high level. Our interactive learning tools make learning easier, especially for a subject like mathematics. Students receive and can submit all of their work via a learning portal without any hassle. Students are able to participate in highly recognised qualifications such as Primary Level, IGCSE and A Levels. Students are also given the term report cards just as they would receive in a formal school.

What will I get in an online school in Jakarta Academics?

  • Regular live classes with professional teachers
  • Flexible classes
  • Interactive tools to learn
  • A systematic online learning portal
  • Term report cards
  • Recognised international certification (from the UK)
  • National qualification certification
  • Affordable tuition fees